This is a small selection of video pieces reaching way back in time, these have variously been licensed by  SBS & Arte TV stations, found their way into the collections of the MoMA, & QAG art museums alongside showings at the Tate, AGNSW, ACMI galleries and the the Cannes, Sydney, Venice, EMAF and Transmediale festivals . I was fortunate enough to receive support in the making of them from Screen Australia, The Australia Council for the Arts, The Arts Council of England, and the Asialink Foundation amongst other sources for which I am appropriately grateful.

Flight Recorder – 2005 – 3mins

Sixteen Days – 2002 – 5mins

Enemy of Fun – 1998 – 6mins

Rain Shadow – 1997 – 5mins

Museum of Fire – 1991 – 45mins

An Omnibus film – Part 1 Chris Caines, Part 2 John Conomos, Part 3 David Haines.